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Grafton Road Stores Opening Times


Grafton Road Stores

Grafton Road will then be open the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the Month, - 4th and 18th November, 2nd December


If any member is unable to visit Grafton Road Stores your Field Steward will also have stock on your field. Items that are not normally stocked on the fields such as netting, or you are unable to meet with your Field Steward please contact us on 0795 840 2074 to arrange a mutually convenient time for us to get the stock you require from Grafton Road Stores.


To find Grafton Road Stores turn into Oval Road from Newton Road. Oval Road runs into Grafton Road and where it bears to the left you will see some bungalows on the right with a turning to the stores to side of the bungalows.

Composts, Fertilisers, Netting etc Available from the Society Stores

Any profits from the sale of these items are used to subsidise your rent of your allotment.

Items marked * are only available at Grafton Road Stores

Growmore is the best known all purpose general garden fertiliser.Granular based for easy spreading and can be used on all types of flowers, fruit & vegetables throughout Spring & Summer.

This very popular, balanced organic, powdered fertiliser is widely used to feed flowers and vegetables and is an excellent long term feed.

Reduces the acidity of soils by raising the pH.

Pelleted Chicken Manure is an easy to spread fertiliser.Oven sterilised to eradicate pathogens and weeds. 6-8 times richer than farmyard manure. Ideal for flowers, lawns, vegetables, shrubs, trees, pot plants and baskets. Can be mixed with compost for use as a planting medium. 100% organic and safe for use around children, pets and wildlife.

Boosts flowering and ripening of fruit. Improves strength and vigor of plants. Beneficial to tomatoes and cane fruit. Fast acting.

A specialist fertiliser for a healthy potato harvest. Can also be used on other vegetable crops.

High potash feed, essential for maximum growth of tomatoes and full flavoured fruit. With added seaweed and magnesium. Also benefits flowering plants.

High potash feed ideal for pointsettias and flowering or berried pot plants. Suitable for chrysanthemums and other flowering crops.

Ready to use convenient trigger spray. Rapid contact action for the control of greenfly, whitefly, mealy bug, red spider mite and many other leaf pests. Use on all fruit, flowers and vegetables. Contains Fatty acids.

Insect killer in dust on powder form. Based on pyrethrum, nature's own insecticide. Rapid knockdown of pests. Easy to use dustable formulation. Contains pyrethrins.

Concentrated insect killer. For use on edible and ornamental plants. Controls aphids, caterpillars, flea beetles and other pests. 7 day harvest interval. Contains cypermethrin.

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Soft Butterfly Netting 8 Metres Wide

£6.00 per metre

Anti Bird Netting Green 4 Metres Wide

£1.15 per metre

Anti Bird Netting Black 4 Metres Wide

£1.85 per metre

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