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Society History

Just a few points of interest from the early years

  • We were first formed 4th February 1893 with just 50 members.

  • The first President was a T Swindall who served until February 1934 before standing down due to ill health (41 years service)

  • The first Secretary was W Gutteridge, who carried out this role for 48 years!

  • Land was rented initially from Herbert Sartoris (Local Squire who lived in Rushden Hall). This was 71 acres at a cost of £124 5s 0d per year. (all our land currently adds up to 41 acres)

  • The First purchase of land by the Society appears to have been called “Henry’s Close” in 1893.

  • 1905 has mention of two of the current allotment fields of Bedford Road and Washbrook Road, presumable rented as Washbrook Road purchased in 1912 and Bedford Road in January 1930. Bedford Road cost £445. BR was much larger then.

  • The earliest reference to Highfield Road is 1932. For many years it was known as Masons Close so it is possible that it was know as something else before then.

  • 1908 AGM was attended by 300 members

  • 1912, The Society was using land on 9 separate sites.

  • By 1927 to the membership had grown to 950. By now some 130 acres of land had been purchased by the Society. But some had also been resold.

  • In 1948 we have accounts that show the Society had 12 different sites totalling 161 acres. By 1949 the land holding was down to 78 acres. Presumable being taken for building post WW2.

  • Highest number of members that we can find was in1950 with 1546.

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