Rushden Permanent Allotment
    and Small Holdings Society

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Our Fields

Quorn Road off Washbrook Road, which has a foot entrance at Woodland Road

Highfield Road, which has a foot entrance at Morris Rise

Bedford Road, which has an entrance off the Bedford Road/A6

Grafton Road

Becoming a Member

Please download and fill in the attached application form with all your details and the field(s) you wish to garden on and return by email as soon as possible.

Annual Costs

£2.50 per pole = (272.25 square feet or 25 square meters) rent per year (reviewed in February)

£2.50 a year membership.

One Off Fees

The following one-off fees are charged at the time of joining:

£1 rule book

25p company share which entitles you to vote at the society’s annual general meeting;

£1 entrance fee

£3 (refundable) for the key to the gate.

Please note that when new members join you are charged two year's rent and membership.

The Standard size plot is 10 pole but plots can be smaller (approx 115 feet x 24 feet or 36 meters x 7 meters).

The Society has a policy that a new member must garden for 2 years before applying for permission to keep livestock.

Your name will be place on the waiting list and we will contact you in due course.


Quorn Road, Rushden, Northamptonshire
Highfield Road, Rushden, Northamptonshire
Bedford Road, Rushden, Northamptonshire