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Have you ever thought about 'Growing Your Own' fruit and veg?

10 Benefits of having an allotment....

1) Taste and freshness of your food – nothing tastes better than freshly picked fruit and veg

2) Knowing where your food comes from and what you are eating – you know what pesticides have been used on your food

3) Exercise and stress relief – ditch the gym membership for fresh air exercise at your own “green gym”

4) A sense of community – socialise with a diversity of people from all ages and backgrounds

5) Eating by the seasons – or storing surpluses for out of season

6) Growing what you like – you can grow foods and varieties not available in supermarkets

7) Save money – a 2010 survey by the National Society for Allotment and Leisure Gardeners reckoned an allotment could produce enough food to save a whopping £1,362 a year

8) Grown and eaten locally – reduce the distance you food travels round the planet

9) Educating future generations where their food comes from – potatoes come out of the ground not in a bag from Tescos

10) Rewarding – pride from growing the food you eat

We are an Independent Society, run by the members for the members.

The Society has been providing allotments for the people in the local community since 1893.

To apply for an allotment please go to the "Becoming a Member" tab

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